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Making Robots Mimic the Human Hand

As part of a national research project to develop low-cost artificial hands, the Pentagon has released a video of a robot that can change a tire — almost.

In the video, the two-armed robot uses a tool to remove a tire from a car.
“We’re almost at the stage where we can put the the nuts back onto the bolts,” said Gill Pratt, a program manager at the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or Darpa.
The goal of the program, now in its third phase, is to develop robots and prosthetic devices for wide use. Until now, high cost as well as limits on dexterity and machine vision have been major obstacles to advanced robotic systems.
Robotic hands that mimic the capabilities of the human hand have cost $10,000 or more, and computer vision systems have worked only in highly structured environments on a very limited set of objects.
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"GOPROBOT" will be keeping you updated on the comings & goings of his fellow robots

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Swarming Robots Could Be the Servants of the Future
Science Daily (press release)
Researchers in the Sheffield Centre for Robotics, jointly established by the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University, have been working to program a group of 40 robots, and say the ability to controlrobot swarms could prove hugely ...
Competing robots take over U of M arenas
Minnesota Public Radio
Thousands of high school students are expected to pack the university's Williams and Mariucci arenas for the Minnesota Regional FIRSTRobotics Competitions Friday and Saturday. More than 120 high school teams from Minnesota and surrounding states ...
POBots Honored for Robots and Good Will
Plainview JFK High School students gave an impressive performance in the elite New York City First Robotics Competition regional competition recently. The POBots advanced to the semi-finals from an entry pool of more than 60 teams. In addition to their ...
NYU Polytechnic Institute's smartphone-controlled robot will allow grannies to ...
New York Daily News
Wiz kids from a downtown Brooklyn college are designing arobot to serve as a surrogate granny — and there's an app for that. Caesar the robot is just one of the space-age creations designed by NYU Polytechnic Institute students. Caesar will be will ...

New York Daily News
Robots could keep solar panels clean in arid regions, without using water
Treehugger (blog)
Mirai Machinery and Kagawa University, in Japan, have built a prototype of a self-propelled robot that can cling to the surface of solar panels and clean them, without using any water (which is another benefit, as many PV installations are being put up ...

Treehugger (blog)
Robots open doors for elementary students
Zanesville Times Recorder
Students learn about robotics in after-school prog...: National Road Elementary School students learned about and created robots in an after-school science and math-based program. Fifth-grader Hayleigh McClellan programmed a robot to move in circles.
Robots Not Idle In Idle Iron
"We say it's more cost effective, you don't have any manpower, it's an unmanned system, piloted remotely out of California we tell it where to be, what to collect and you get it in real time," says Tanya Copelyn with Liquid Robotics. As the industry ...
The Engadget Show 42: Expand with OUYA, Google, DJ Spooky,robots, space ...
We've got conversations with Google's Tamar Yehoshua, OUYA's Julie Uhrman, Jason Parrish and Corinna Proctor from Lenovo, Chris Anderson, DJ Spooky, Mark Frauenfelder, Veronica Belmont, Ryan Block, plus folks from NASA, 3D Robotics, Oculus, ...
Skynet: Video Shows How Flying Robots Communicate To Work Together
Business Insider
The footage was filmed during a presentation by Professor Raffaello D'Andrea from ETH Zurich about the future capabilities of machines that makes extensive use of flying robots (quadcopter drones).
Researchers Work to Build Robots' Awareness of Their Own Limitations
Lab Manager Laboratory News
Robot butlers that tidy your house or cook you a meal have long been the dream of science-fiction writers and artificial intelligence researchers alike. But if robots are ever going to move effectively around our constantly changing homes or workspaces ...

Do robot ants dream of electric crumbs?

Los Angeles Times
Scientists at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and the Research Center on Animal Cognition, in Toulouse, France, wondered if they could use ant-like robots to prove whether the insects used programmed behaviors to establish trails, or employed ...
Robots with emotions a possibility
Times of India
PERNEM: Ever wonder how convenient life would be if the often tiresome tasks like cleaning your home could be completely automated. Well, that convenience could be a reality soon as robots will make life more comfortable for humans by performing tasks ...

Times of India
Startup Spotlight: SynTouch Seeks to Enable Robots With 'Machine Touch'
IEEE Spectrum
This is the fourth post in our Startup Spotlight series featuring new robotics companies from around the world. We're inviting representatives from the companies to describe their technologies and how they see the marketplace. The views expressed here ...

IEEE Spectrum
This Week in Posters: See? I told you Pacific Rim was just likeRobot Jox
Film Drunk
So basically, we can infer that each country has poured their respective resources into separate, nationally-sponsored giantrobots. Just like Robot Jox. Only in this case, instead of fighting each other, the robots fight a giant Godzilla monster. This ...

Film Drunk
Science in motion: Robotic display enlivens Boca explorium
The robot — one of 13 used in the original movie — springs to life with its trademark twittering as soon as anyone coming in the door at Sugar Sand Community Center makes the slightest motion toward its plexiglass case. And just about everyone is ...
Sanders family trial robots
Weekly Times Now
Researchers from Horticulture Australia Limited, The University of Sydney and the Australian Centre for Field Robotics were stationed at the Sanders' farm at Three Bridges near Yarra Junction on Wednesday and Thursday last week as part of a $1 million ...
The Buy Pile: Teenaged Assassins and Giant Robots Win the Week
Comic Book Resources
Every week Hannibal Tabu (two-time Eisner-winning journalist/blogger/novelist/poet/jackass on Twitter/head honcho of goes to a comic book store called Comics Ink in Culver City, CA (Overland and Braddock -- hey Steve, Jason, Vince and...