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Do you remember the original movie The Day The Earth Stood Still ?

They had a police force of "KILLER ROBOTS" that kept the peace.

One was named GORT

Before there was the "Oracle of Delphi" there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli

VJ Machiavelli

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Human rights experts, activists push for ban on 'killer robots'

Los Angeles Times
"Campaign to Stop Killer Robots.” That may sound like a clique of conspiracy theorists or the title of a summer B movie, but it's actually an alliance of human rights groups raising legal and ethical concerns about people's willingness to cede life-and ...

Friday Poll: Are 'killer robots' a real threat?
CNET (blog)
When you think of killer robots, you probably imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger running around in a leather jacket and sunglasses, or even ED-209 from "Robocop" causing all kinds of damage. Those sorts of mechanical menaces from film are turning out to be ...

Should 'war robots' be banned?
Palm Beach Post (blog)
The New York Times reports that a U.N. official who monitors extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions has called for a global moratorium on the development and use of armedrobots that can select and kill targets without specific orders from a human.

Palm Beach Post (blog)
Robots Made of Gel? Yes!
When you think about a robot what do you picture him being made of? The odds are good that you picture large sheets of metal, probably held together by either welds or bolts. The majority of the time you would be right. Most robots are made of metal ...

Perfect skin: More touchy-feely robots
But robot cognition is extremely complex, so ROBOSKIN started with modest ambitions in lab tests by classifying types or degrees of touch. They created a geometric mapping using continuous contact between the test robot and the environment to build a ...

Human rights body sounds the alarm on rise of the killer robot
The Age
It was also unclear how these killer robots could be programmed to distinguish the enemy from innocent civilians. And because they lacked the ability to act ''out of compassion or grace'' and understand the bigger picture, a robot would never decide ...

Killer robots and future shocks

New Zealand Herald
That report is backed by the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots, a coalition of groups including Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and Handicap International, which is calling for a halt in development of weapons which take the decision to shoot ...

Why autonomous robots need ethical 'brakes'
But what does one do with autonomous robots, unless states evolve some legislation? This line of thinking is central to any discussion on autonomous robots even as the thought of replacing robots in a war-like situation to have fewer human casualties ...

The increasingly autonomous robots of war (pictures)
This week, a United Nations expert called for a temporary freeze on producing or using so-called "killer robots." He said that rapidly advancing robotics technologies are moving beyond any existing rules of engagement for autonomous operation.
See all stories on this topic »

The Age

Teaching Robots to Anticipate Human Actions
National Geographic
But if a robot can navigate only a well-ordered lab, what practical use is it? Not much, says computer scientist Ashutosh Saxena, an assistant professor in the computer science department at Cornell University. Saxena is one of an up-and-coming group ...

National Geographic
Meet the robots that make sure you get your online order
Calgary Herald
Sandra Brubacher used to be one of those people walking up and down warehouse aisles picking and packing orders. Now a buyer/merchandise supervisor for CAA South Central Ontario, she's all about robots. A year ago, Ms. Brubacher contracted with ...

Calgary Herald
UN Calls For Moratorium On 'Killer Robots'
In an appearance before the UN Human Rights Council on May 30, Christof Heyns, the UN special rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, questioned the capability of autonomous robots to comply with international humanitarian law ...
Surgical robots act as extensions of surgeon not a replacement
The first robot-assisted surgery was performed in 1985. Today's minimally invasive procedures call for the surgeon, instead of directly moving the instruments, to use either a direct manipulator or a computer control to maneuver the instruments precisely.

Robots on the rise: How automated workers are replacing humans in China
South China Morning Post
Danish robot maker Universal Robots sees a potential goldmine in offering robots with a human touch to small enterprises on the mainland that are struggling with rising wages and a shortage of labour. The incentive for Chinese manufacturers to employ ...

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On one side are the "Killer Robots" on the other the side the "Good Robots, who will take care of your child, mix you a drink or walk your dog.

Before there was the "Oracle of Delphi" there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli

VJ Machiavelli

On Twitter @vjmachiavelli 

Real-life killer robots

Sydney Morning Herald
The Samsung Techwin guard robots deployed in the demilitarised zone between North and South Korea, that detect targets through infrared sensors. They are operated by humans but also have an "automatic mode". Large amounts of money have been set ...
Stop killer robots: UN
Sydney Morning Herald
Some argue that, "as a matter of principle, robots should not be granted the power to decide who should live and die," the report said – though others say that, used well, they could "even make armed conflict more humane and save lives on all sides".
Robots on the rise in China
South China Morning Post
Sino-Japanese joint venture Yasakawa Shougang Robot sold 1,800robots last year, according to marketing head Wang Liyong . The company, founded in 1996, was only able to sell a couple annually during the early years. "That was a miserable period of ...
Killer robots may wage 'mechanical slaughter,' UN warns
Lethal autonomous robots is what Christof Heyns, United Nations special rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary, or arbitrary executions, wants you to think about. He wants a global ban on the development of machines that can target people and kill them ...

Painting robots speed production of Boeing 777s

San Francisco Chronicle
EVERETT, Wash. (AP) — Inside a sealed building in Boeing's Everett widebody-jet assembly plant, two robotic machines glide along tracks on either side of a 106-foot 777 wing laid flat, their heads reaching out like animatronic dinosaurs nibbling at ...
Astronauts to take robots for spin at mock moon 'roverscape'
A unique "roverscape" has been created to help assess the blending of human and robotic skills in deploying a low-radio frequency array on the moon's farside. The series of tests will tap the talents of astronauts on the International Space Station to ...
Terminate killer robots: UN expert calls for ban
Globe and Mail
A UN expert called Thursday for a global moratorium on the development and use of armed robots that can select and kill targets without human command. “War without reflection is mechanical slaughter,” said Christof Heyns, the UN special rapporteur on ...
Xbox One should accelerate development of learning robots
Network World
Network World - Ashutosh Saxena bought an Xbox to play computer games at home, but discovered that the Kinect motion-detection technology it includes provides a rich tool for his robotics lab where he's trying to create robots that learn what humans ...
Stop producing "killer robots," UN expert warns
CBS News
GENEVA Nations should agree to a moratorium on developing robotsfor war that can function autonomously before it is too late to stop their use, a U.N. human rights expert warned Thursday. U.N. special rapporteur Christof Heyns urged a temporary freeze ...

UN Expert Calls for Halt in Military Robot Development

New York Times (blog)
Supporters of the robots say they offer a number of advantages: they process information faster than humans, and they are not subject to fear, panic, a desire for revenge or other emotions that can cloud human judgment. Robots, because they can operate ...
Killer Robots: UN Official Joins Call For Ban
Sky News
Robots that can attack and kill without human direction should be banned before they come into existence, according to a senior UN official. Lethal autonomous robotics (LARs) have not yet been created but are described as "the next major revolution in ...
Mars robots created by Sask. man
Regina Leader-Post
For more than 20 years Larry Matthies has been creatingrobots for NASA space explorations to Mars, launching the Mars Pathfinder Mission in 1996. The North Battelford-born man graduated from the University of Regina with a bachelor in computer science ...
UN mulls ethics of 'killer robots'
BBC News
So-called killer robots are due to be discussed at the UN Human Rights Council, meeting in Geneva. A report presented to the meeting will call for a moratorium on their use while the ethical questions they raise are debated. The robots are machines ...
Is the world ready for 'Killer Robots'?
Zee News
Geneva: With countries like the United States, Britain and Israel testing unmanned robotic weapons, the United Nations Human Rights Council, Thursday, will discuss a report recommending a moratorium on the development of the so-called “killer robots”.

Boeing using robots to boost 777 output

The Seattle Times
They reach,even into complex spaces inside the open wing root that must be painted for corrosion protection. Manually, it takes a team of painters 4.5 hours to do the first coat. The robots do it in 24 minutes with perfect quality. Boeing began using ...
UN Human Rights Council talks killer robots
ABC Online
Human rights activists, scientists and military experts fear these robotsare being developed in the absence of any ethical or legal considerations. But tonight, for the first time, countries will debate the ethics of these so-called killer robots at a ...
Why Defense Robots Aren't Going Anywhere Anytime Soon
Motley Fool
Motley Fool analyst Blake Bos discusses the implication of reports that conclude the cost of robots may be less than the cost of humans in battle. Blake compares the cost of maintaining a soldier in Afghanistan to that of a battle robot and points to ...

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Below is whats new so take the time and read whats new.

Before there was the "Oracle of Delphi" there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli

VJ Machiavelli

On Twitter @vjmachiavelli 

Da Vinci Robots: Minimally Invasive Miracle or Costly Conundrum?

Becker's Hospital Review
Minimally invasive surgeries have grown in use among surgeons and favor among patients and payors. Robotically assisted surgery performed using the da Vinci robot is the latest technologic upgrade, but new research is calling its effectiveness — and ...

Robot World Cup in Eindhoven expects 2500 contestants from 40 countries (w ...
(Nanowerk News) This year's RoboCup, the world championship series for intelligent robots, will be held from 26 - 30 June in Eindhoven (the Netherlands). The competition expects around 2500 contestants from around 40 countries, competing with their ...

Tomorrow's Recruitment: Big-Data Robots Bring Better Hires
Analytics evangelists say big data is the key to hiring great talent and reducing attrition. It can also help you pay real market salaries, and increase your diversity. So what should you know before you hand recruitment over to the robots? Even in ...

As robots get smarter, they'll be pouring our coffee (and beer)
Scientists are hard at work creating robots that are able to sense and predict human actions, which should make them better performing tasks and look more natural while doing so. Researchers at Cornell University have trained a robot to recognize ...
UN Human Rights Council talks ethics and killer robots
ABC Online
The UN Human Rights Council will tonight discuss the ethical implications of autonomous weapons systems. So-called killer robots, which could target and kill an enemy during combat without human involvement, are controversial. Although several ...

'Killer robots' pose threat to peace and should be banned, UN warned
The Guardian
"Killer robots" that could attack targets autonomously without a human pulling the trigger pose a threat to international stability and should be banned before they come into existence, the United Nations will be told by its human rights investigator ...

The Guardian
Cheers! PR2 robot knows where to pour your beer
Yes, robots can actually carry out that order. Now, they can even anticipate where to pour your beverage of choice. Cornell University's Personal Robotics Lab has trained a PR2 robot from Willow Garage to figure out where and when to pour beer, as well ...

People behind farming operations turn to robot drones in an effort to cut costs

Globe and Mail
Moving carefully along a row of apple trees, two of Australia's newest agricultural workers check if the fruit is ripe or the soil needs water or fertilizer. Meet “Mantis” and “Shrimp,” agricultural robots being tested to do these tasks and more in a ...
Robots rumble in meet at Oakmont
Worcester Telegram
ASHBURNHAM — Most of us think of robots as belonging to the realms of science fiction, be it R2D2 from "Star Wars," or the malevolent Daleks from "Doctor Who." For the students who attended the VEX RoboticsCompetition on May 17 at Oakmont Regional ...
Soft robots could benefit from new light-controlled hydrogel
For many people, the word “robot” is likely to conjure up images of metal, mechanical men not unlike Cygan. But instead of creating robotsin our own image, the relatively new field of “soft robotics” takes inspiration from creatures such as octopuses ...
Robotics on Display at the Masuk Expo
Kyle Parshall, a Masuk High School senior, was among the members of his school's robotics team members using hand-held controllers to maneuver their robots inside the cafeteria Tuesday afternoon. The Masuk Expo had students' talents on display and the ...

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and we are covering them from every which way we can for you.

Before there was the "Oracle of Delphi" there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli

VJ Machiavelli

On Twitter @vjmachiavelli 

Robots to replace 'rote labour': Gates
Australian Techworld
Bill Gates supports increasing work automation by robots, so long as it doesn't mean more war, the Microsoft founder said in a Q&A session at the University of New South Wales televised on ABC1. “We already have the equivalent of robots doing a lot of ...
Robots playing larger role in operating rooms
In the last four years, the number of hospitals nationwide using the da Vinci robot has risen by more than 80 percent, and the number of procedures performed each year has risen by 300 percent to more than 300,000 operations each year, according to the ...
How the Rise of Robots is Making the Concert Industry Even More Obnoxious (blog)
In our visions of how robotic intelligence will change human life, we gravitate toward extremes, seeing either social ruin or cybernetic utopias. A more likely possibility is that surrounding ourselves with robots will create a swamp of inconvenience ...

Research and Markets: Military Ground Robot Mobile Platform Systems of ...

The Herald |
There is the issue that the Defense Department needs to repurpose all those robots once the war in Afghanistan comes to a close. The wider market for military ground robots will develop as a mechanism to fight terrorism in response to the bombings in ...

Robots Smash Monsters In 2 New Images & TV Spot For 'Pacific Rim'
Indie Wire (blog)
"There was something weird about me from the beginning. I don't know exactly when I started loving monsters so much, but it was definitely early. When I was 4 or 5 years old, I would ask my mother, 'Can I sleep in the coffin tonight?' and I would lie ...

Crowdfunding the Cheapest Robots in Silicon Valley: A VC's View

They wanted to show me origami robots: electronic creatures built by simply folding paper (in this case laser-cut cardboard) and adding simple electronics and engineering on top. It sounded too cool to be true. Yet, after hearing the pitch from Dash ...
Meet the robots that make sure you get your online order
Financial Post
But these robots have a lot more intelligence than simply detecting a table leg or baseboard and avoiding collisions. They spend their working days traversing an invisible grid, scooting under shelving units, and bringing those shelves to waiting ...

NEW: Robots and more: Technology and the future of elder care
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
A study by the Georgia Institute of Technology asked older adults if they were willing to use robots in the home for daily tasks. Subjects between the ages of 65 and 93 said they were fine with the idea of robotsperforming household chores, but were ...

 rolled out to help boost Australian farm competitiveness

Irish Examiner
Australia is one of the leaders in the field and, with a minimum wage of A$15.96 (€12) per hour and a limited workforce, has a big incentive to use robots and other technology such as unmanned aircraft to improve efficiency. It hopes to tap fast ...

Disney Research Pittsburgh scientists are aiming for human-like robots
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Disney Research associate Matthew Glisson hands a bag to a robotduring a simulated demonstration at the Disney Research lab on the Carnegie Mellon University campus in Oakland. Researchers have developed a robot that is capable of analyzing ...

A Response In Japan To Low Birthrates And Labor Shortage: Humanoid Robots
A few meters away from the human workers, four robots -- with an articulated head and small cameras for the eyes, two arms mimicking human movements attached to a torso, mounted high on wheels -- are assembling the tiny elements of a money-sorting ...


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Soon I am waiting for the sale at Macy's

Sounds funny but one day Macy's will be selling Robots to take home.

Before there was the "Oracle of Delphi" there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli

VJ Machiavelli

On Twitter @vjmachiavelli 

 to drones, Australia eyes high-tech farm help to grow food

Reuters India
Meet "Mantis" and "Shrimp", agricultural robots being tested to do these tasks and more in a bid to cut costs and improve productivity in Australia's economically vital farm sector, which exported A$39.6 billionof produce in 2012. Australia is one of ...
Germ-zapping 'robots' fight superbugs
Rocky Mount Telegram
Client hospitals sometimes call them robots and report improved satisfaction scores from patients who seem impressed that the medical center is trotting out that kind of technology, said Mark Stibich, Xenex's chief scientific officer. But some experts ...
Linkbot modular robot platform grows with your knowledge
Though somewhat time consuming and a bit of a brain drain, robotbuilding can also be rewarding and fun. For those just starting out, however, the prospect of simultaneously playing the roles of designer, tinkerer, programmer and troubleshooter in ...

These chillin' and grillin' robots make Memorial Day BBQs more awesome

But balancing the demands of cooking meat over flame to perfection with the desire to relax with loved ones can wear you down. Fortunately in this day and age, technology can solve these problems. Robots, drones, and mobile machines are here to put ...

Mantis And Shrimp: Australian For Robots
Mobile Magazine
Ethics to be debated or not, robots are certainly becoming more popular these days. While some are busy arguing that we should all start asking questions as early as possible, before Skynet happens, many have already made plans with robotsin the center.

Mobile Magazine

Agriculture Australia: Robots Aid Farmers for Higher Production
International Business Times AU
Mantis and Shrimp are farming robots tested in the farmlands of Sydney. Developed by Salah Sukkarieh, a professor at the University of Sydney's Robotics and Intelligent Systems, among the robots' tasks is to check if the crops are ripe and ready for ...

International Business Times AU

Government to subsidize research on inspection robots
The Japan Times
The government will promote the development of robots for inspecting tunnels, bridges and other infrastructure to efficiently maintain such aging structures, people familiar with the matter said. The Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Ministry ...

Chinese Robots Dance "Gangnam Style"
WFMY News 2
The Casbo dancing robots on display at this year's Beijing International High-Tech Exposition were developed partly by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in conjunction with two South Korean technology firms and, while they may look like toys, there is ...

WFMY News 2
Why Foxconn's Switch to Robots Hasn't Been Automatic
Caixin Media
(Beijing) – In the face of rising labor costs in recent years, manufacturing companies at home and abroad have tried to find new ways to control spending and improve productivity. At the same time, Foxconn International Holdings, the original equipment ...