Saturday, November 30, 2013


Robot Navigation Made Easy With QR CodesiProgrammer
Getting a robot to know where it is and navigate to new locations is a tough problem that needs Bayesian particle filters, sophisticated machine vision, planning ...
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How to profit from cutting-edge technologyThis is Money
Fictional robots and spin-off toys have made a lot of money for the likes of Star Wars film-maker George Lucas. Arguably, it will take investors in real robots a ...

Students building robots
The High Altitude Robotics Extravaganza included 25 FIRST Lego League teams ... The robots had to be able to complete tasks like clearing debris off a runway, ...

Robots rule in post-apocalypse interactive exhibitionBBC News
There are few exhibitions where art lovers are ordered around by robots - but then Welcome to Happy Redoubt is not your typical exhibition. The project is set in ...
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Wanted: ethical robots, the sooner the betterBioEdge
The ethics of creating autonomous and intelligent robots used to be a purely speculative question. But with the development of drones, self-navigated cruise ...
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Local artist uses profits to feed
PHOENIX -- Robots, sharks and bugs that shoot out lawn clippings greet visitors from Alexi Devilliers' front lawn in Tempe. Devilliers makes the creatures out of ...
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Indiana robotics event aims to boost STEM interestIndianapolis Business Journal
focus-img-0154-1col.jpg The VEX Robotics Competition hosted teams of high-school and middle-school students from around the state. (Photo courtesy Ashley ...
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Xbox Live Update for the week of November 27, 2013TechnologyTell
Shoot Many Robots is not quite as well-known as the Gears series, so let me tell you a little about it. It's a Metal Slug-esque shooter with both two player local ...

Robot Safari celebrates European Robotics Week in LondonE&T magazine
The best of Europe's animal-like robots has been on display over the last November weekend in London's Science Museum during an event showcasing ...

Urine could power future robot heartsMumbai Mirror
Researchers have built an artificial-heart-like pump that could extract electricity using microbial fuel cells that are fed on human urine or other waste products.
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Robot turtle maps shipwrecksCANOE
A team of engineers from the Tallinn Institute of Technology have created a new mapping robotdesigned to imitate the locomotion of the graceful sea turtle, ...
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A Roomba For Solar Panels That Keeps the Sun Shining ThroughGizmodo
The use of robots to clean solar panels isn't a new idea, but typically they're tethered to rails and require every panel to have their own private robo-maid—which ...

Atlas humanoid robot takes wobbly steps over
The term "humanoid robot" might call up memories of "Terminator," but the bipedal Atlas robot doesn't seem quite that threatening in this video, which has it ...
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RVC class to show off robots at open house Dec. 4Rockford Register Star
ROCKFORD — The Rock Valley College Electronic Engineering Technology Department's roboticsand automated systems class will show the community what ...

EU robotics initiative to lure students into tech-driven careersNanowerk
(Nanowerk News) EU robotics week kicked off yesterday with an aim to draw attention to the variousrobotics research activities taking shape across Europe.
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Dmitry Grishin on the robots of the futureFortune (blog)
Staked with $25 million out of his own pocket, Grishin has launched a venture fund focused solely on "personal robotics" aimed at a general consumer ...
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Civilian Drones to Change How We Respond to EmergenciesScientific American (blog)
But the word “clearly means a lot of things to a lot of different people,” according to Dean Jansen, co-director of the Drones and Aerial Robotics Conference ...

Trash Can Robots Interact With People So You Can Pick Up GarbageUbergizmo
The Sociable Trash Box robots were created by researchers at the ... The purpose of the robot trash can is to detect trash that has been discarded on the ground ...
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Pottstown premieres high school robotics teamThe Mercury
Two robots built by Pottstown High School students are put through their paces for the ...POTTSTOWN — Let's face it, robots are taking over everything.
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Tiny Flying Robot Hovers Like Jellyfish (VIDEO)Huffington Post
A tiny flapping robot, developed by researchers at New York University, stays aloft by ... This new method of flight could be used in robots for surveillance, ...
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robot turtle will help underwater archaeologists to inspect ...Nanowerk
(Nanowerk News) The Robot Safari at the London Science Museum will see the world premiere of the underwater robot U-CAT, a highly maneuverable robot ...
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EU robotics initiative to lure students into tech-driven careersCordis News
EU robotics week kicked off yesterday with an aim to draw attention to the various robotics research activities taking shape across Europe. During the course of ...

Ministry to push nursing robots to aid caregiversThe Japan Times
The health ministry is launching a program to promote the use of nursing care robots to meet expected increases in demand in the face of Japan's rapidly aging ...
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Gangnam robot at collegeSalisbury Journal
Businesses such as L'Oreal, LJ Create, Active Robots, Soldersplash, the Institute of Maths and its Applications and EIN-SW supported the event, which aimed to ...
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Friday, November 29, 2013


Robotics kids build machines (and futures)Sahuarita Sun
From left: Walden Grove High School's robotics and automation instructor, Enrique ... Jacob Corneliusen and David Stevens as they work on their various robots.
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Meet U-CAT, the robotic turtle that will help archaeologists ...Daily Mail
It is part of the Science Museum's Robot Safari exhibition that runs over the weekend and showcases 13 machines inspired by nature, including a flying bat, ...
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Robot-Assisted Surgery Moves Towards the Mass MarketScience World Report
Thanks to current robotics research, medical robots that can 'think' and act independently, or follow a human brain in motion are no longer the stuff of fantasy.
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Youngsters and robots make for fascinating mixDailysunnews
Young robot builders Vincent Martinez and Austin Bliesner (L-R) work to program their robot in preparation for the team's next competition. The Harrison Middle ...
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Droids dance, dogs speak at Madrid robot museumArab News
MADRID: A white robotic beagle sits wagging its tail and nuzzling anyone who pets it, while six pint-sized robots, flashing blue, pump their fists as they dance to ...
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Robot ExhibitionSky Tyne and Wear
Meet some of the metal stars of the silver screen face to face, track robots ... With full size robots,robot parts, film props and toys on display, the exhibition ...

DARPA to Employ Polaris RANGER in Robotics ChallengeAZoRobotics
The DARPA Robotics Challenge was created to spur development of advanced robots that can help humans to better respond to future disasters. The Challenge ...
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Robots, roundels, rules of adornment: after-hours at London's ...Time Out London
Robo Spyder and Bat Bot are just two of the 13 nature-inspired robotsfeaturing at this Science Museum show. Experience these robots, meet their creators and ...
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The Robot Girl iPhone Dock Is Creepy And ExpensiveUbergizmo
iPhone docks come in all shapes and sizes, but we reckon the Robot Girl iPhone dock probably takes the cake. Basically the Robot Girl iPhone dock is a 46” tall ...
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Meet SAR-401, the Russian 'astrobot' that could be working aboard ...Daily Mail
The robot can lift up to 10 kilograms on Earth, but this translates into lifting objects that weigh more in space, as the robots is designed to be able to work outside ...
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Dave Hall's Business Scene briefsWindsor Star (blog)
Jaeleen Koscielski of Sandwich Sabre Bytes, gets a closer look at one of Valiant's robots following the announcement that Windsor is the permanent home for ...
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Why hardware startups are heading to smaller citiesTimes of India
Their companies, which make products ranging from smartwatches and food-sorters to device-trackers and robots, cater to both local and global clients.

VEX robotics state championship Dec. 20, 21West Hawaii Today
HONOLULU – Forty middle and high school VEX robotics teams from across the state will compete in the first-ever Hawaii VEX State Championship, presented ...

Robot population boom to continue says Mitsubishi ElectricProcess & Control Today
The boom in UK robot installations is predicted to continue for the rest of this year and beyond, according to Barry Weller, a robot and automation specialist with ...
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Engineered Arts wins igus manus UK award for sophisticated robotic ...Process & Control Today
RoboThespian is a life-sized humanoid robot designed for human interaction in a public place. Being fully interactive, multilingual and user-friendly, it offers a ...
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Learning to love the alienThe Province
But when it comes to human-like robots, something unnerving happens. As they ... is how science-fiction writers and many robotic engineers envision the future.

CG Union cranks up robotics effortTriValley Central
Jazmine Martinez, president of Casa Grande Union High School's robotics team, explains all of the functions of the team's entry in last year's state competition: a ...

'Robots' tackle real problems at Mt. TaborEvening News and Tribune
Third-graders built the robots from materials they found at home. ... Students are instructed to not buy anything to put on their robots, and Barbee said she starts ...
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Dead Girls and Robots draws local outsider artThe Henderson Press
Eva Santiago is best known professionally for her two books, Salsa! The Taste of Life and As Clear as Claire Gets: A conversation with the Past Eva Santiago, ...
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This Robotic Sea Turtle Is Built To Find Hidden Treasure In ...Gizmodo Australia
“Conventional underwater robots use propellers for locomotion,” says Taavi Salumäe, the biomimeticrobot's designer, in a press release. “Fin propulsors of ...
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Turtle bot to explore ancient shipwrecksMumbai Mirror
A new low-cost turtle robot could make underwater archaeological explorations cheaper, more in-depth and less time consuming than its current predecessors.
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Mega Buzz: Good Wife's 100th, Blacklist's Daddy and Homeland 's ...TV Guide
NATALIE: Yes, and not all robots are good! "There are robots out there that criminals are using to fight the police and I have my share of 'bot fights with the bad ...
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This adorable turtle bot will help underwater archeologistsSalon
Sure, there are plenty of UAVs and ROVs and other underwater robots. But these deep divers ...“Conventional underwater robots use propellers for locomotion.
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Can we rewire our human distrust of robots that increasingly look ...The Province
As long as they are robot-like and “mechanical”, we are comfortable around them, and ... But when it comes to human-like robots, something unnerving happens.
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CBSS team takes robot competitionColumbia Basin Herald
Members of the CBSS robotics team ready their creations for competition at a recent ... Lake High School, but the MLHS team builds different robots, Walker said.
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Scientists Make a Prototype of Flying Robotic JellyfishCounsel & Heal
A team of scientists from New York University have designed a flying robotthat looks similar to jellyfish. The robot uses four flapping wings to stay in the air.
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Students go under the seaMuse
These students are from a group called Eastern Edge Robotics, and they create Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV), which are underwater robots, to compete in ...
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RoboKind Co-Founder Wins 2013 Award for IT Hardware from the ...PR Web (press release)
Hanson's robots have led the way in creating realistic facial and social interactions between man and machine. The new RoboKind R25 represents the first fully ...

Robot sea turtle flaps its way to sunken treasureDVICE
With its four flapping fins, this little turtle-bot is capable of clambering into spaces which are off-limits to most underwater robots. Onboard cameras capture video ...
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Flying robot mimics a jellyfishComputerworld New Zealand
Researchers say they have built a flying robot. It's not designed to fly like a bird or an insect, but was built to mimic the movements of a swimming jellyfish.
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LaSalle High Eyes Robotics Team IdeaSt. Ignace News (subscription)
If St. Ignace Area Schools receives state and private grants, LaSalle High School students will have the opportunity to participate on a robotics team. They would ...
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Bad Robot!National Mortgage Professional Magazine
Have you noticed that the unemployment rates hover around seven percent no matter how much the economy seems to improve. Let me tell you why … Robots!
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Play-i meets million dollar stretch goal for its educational robots and
We recently covered Play-i, a company building learning robots designed to teach children as young as five the basics of programming in a fun, interactive way.
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Larry Summers on Job-Taking Robots and Permanent Economic ...Motley Fool
On computers and robots taking our jobs: There were some guys who wrote a book nine years ago about technology and its impact on employment. They said ...
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Break Out the Trains, Planes, & Robots. Kraftwerk is Coming to LALA Magazine (blog)
Kraftwerk's last full length release was 2003's Tour de France Soundtracks, and they don't often make live appearances or grant interviews, often allowing robots ...
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Rep. Suzanne Bonamici talks robotics, STEM with Glencoe High
On the last day of classes before Thanksgiving break, robotics students at Hillsboro's Glencoe High School had a special visitor to their workshop – Rep.
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Judges, referees needed for high school robotics competitionInside Rockland (blog)
Twenty-four teams representing local high schools are expected to compete in the roboticschallenge; the three top-performers will advance to the regional ...
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Cute iDiot robot short film mocks obsessive Apple fanboysDVICE
Few companies have more crazy dedicated fans than Apple, and sometimes it takes seeing a bunch of toy robots acting just as we might to drive the point home.
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Robotic Flying Jellyfish? Prototype Proves It's PossibleTasnim News Agency
A team from New York University has designed a flying jellyfish-like robot that uses four flapping wings to stay aloft. This unconventional robot, described at the ...
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Researchers Design Small Robot Similar to Shape of JellyfishAustrian Tribune
Robots are capable of solving all tasks whether it is manufacturing of bulky... Researchers said that they have designed a robot that resembles a jellyfish, which ...
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Technology is outpacing our spiritual
While recently scanning the Internet for the latest science news, I came across an incredible story headlined “Mind Reading Robots Coming Ever Closer.".
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Why young hardware cos are heading to Belgaum, Hubli ...Times of India
These companies, which make products ranging from smart watches and food-sorters to device-trackers and robots, cater to both local and global clients.
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Jellyfish-Bot Swims Through the AirTechNewsWorld
Robots take a lot of forms -- from hulking manufacturing devices to humanoid helpmates. Now there's a design that resembles a jellyfish in flight, if such a thing ...
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Toyota Heart Project: Path-breaking initiativeOman Daily Observer
Part of this research are Toyota's Kirobo and Mirata humanoid communication robots, that incorporate highly-evolved technologies for communication and ...
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