Monday, March 31, 2014


KPRC Houston
Robots scamming the little investors: book
Robots aren't just taking your jobs, they're stealing your profits on stock trades, too. The stock market has been rigged by a group of tech-savvy ..
Students teach robotics to area CEOs
Antonio Harrell signed up to design and build competition robots at Dunbar High School because, he says, he "didn't have anything else to do."
Robotic technology saves life and limb
While the use of robotics aboard local bases is generally limited to training exercises, some explosive ordnance disposal Marines, also known as EOD ..
The secret military tech inside household robot vacuum cleaner
Boston, MA (CNN) -- Imagine: you are sitting with friends, one day in the distant future, in a space-age house, while robot servants cook dinner, fold ..
Cover-Based Robot Shooter EPOCH 2 Hits Android
This game uses a simple system of swipes and tap gestures to engage and destroy enemy robots. Each level is broken up into multiple zones with a ..
Baltimore students teach robotics to CEOs
Antonio Harrell signed up to design and build competition robots at Dunbar High School, because he says he "didn't have anything else to do."
The Guardian
James Lovelock: 'Instead of robots taking over the world, what if we join with them?'
"Instead of robots going to war with us and taking over the world, which is the way it's always portrayed in science fiction," he says, "I thought, what ..
'Killer Robots': A New Era of Warfare?
Development and proliferation of these 'killer robots' is easy to dismiss as a futuristic fantasy - the stuff of Star Wars rather than real life warfare. But the ..
Midland-area schools compete in robotics competition
Several schools from the Midland area got to show what their robots were capable of during the recent Great Lakes Bay Region First Robotics Districts ..
Bigger tractors for now, but robots could reverse trend
BELLVILLE, Ohio — If you've visited a farm tractor show in the past 10 years, or driven by a tractor dealership, it should be no surprise that the size of ..
MarketWatch (blog)
Brazil bulls, April's allure and robots rule
If retail traders were shocked about what they heard from the “Moneyball” guy on “60 Minutes” last night, they haven't been paying attention
Plan Insurance to Replace Human Sales Agents With Revolutionary Robots
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - March 30, 2014) - Sales agents at Plan Insurance [] will be replaced by ..
This CMU-Built, Smack-Talking Robot Wants To Beat You At Scrabble
Victor, created by a research professor at Carnegie Mellon University, is the latest in a series of socialrobots designed to study human-robot ..
Transformers Universe is a massively online tactical action game about punching robots
Roll up! It's Transformers Universe, the game about transforming robots who just cannot stop fighting. On one side you've got the friendly Autobots, ...
Spurs players test footballing robots
Robot footballers dribbled, tackled, shot and scored in a match to showcase collaboration between Tottenham Hotspur at Middlesex University
BBC News
DR Congo: Traffic cop robot installed in 'second capital'
An "intelligent" traffic cop robot has been installed in the city of Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of Congo, it appears. Local residents seem ..
blogTO (blog)
Kraftwerk jolts Toronto with robot electricity
The bleeps and bloops that make up Kraftwerk's "We are the Robots" blasted out of the speakers as the show began and my robot heart began to race
'Robotic' style of management impacts on employee engagement
Too many managers are allowing bureaucracy to impact on the way they make decisions, which has a negative impact on employee engagement, ..
Trippy Time-Lapse Video Shows What Robots in the Home Can Do
Gavin Heffernan got a ROOMBA robot vacuum cleaner, and it not only cleaned his floor, it also gave him artistic inspiration. In this video, which ..
FIRST Robotics teams advance to national championships
The three-team alliance of Lockport, Shenendehowa and Newfane High School received the highest score and will advance to the national ..
Clearpath Robotics CEO Matt Rendall Talks Entrepreneurship, Ambition, and Accelerators
As an undergrad studying Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Waterloo, cramming for exams and building robots for fun, he didn't envision ..
Society of Innovators Class of 2013-2014: Don Keller
Tri-State Automation, a division of Tri-State Industries, refurbishes welding robots, keeping otherwise outdated equipment out of landfills and helping ..
W.S. Darley & Co. to Offer Robots for First Responders
ITASCA, IL -- (Marketwired) -- 03/31/14 -- W.S. Darley & Company has announced that it is now distributing iRobot's line of tactical mobile robots to the ..
Shake, Rattle, and Roll
On Friday March 7, Mr. Buckiewicz's first and tenth period Robotics classes demonstrated their robots. This is a project that both classes had been ..
Israeli solar plant is now 100 percent self-cleaning
Now, the panels at Ketura Sun are being cleaned nightly by a fleet of almost 100 water-free, energy-independent robots. The Ecoppia E4 robots are ..
Herberg Middle School team wins Robotics Challenge
Connor Hayford, 10, left, and AJ Safford, 10, compete for the Lazzee Tigers from Williams Elementary School in the Berkshires Robotic Challenge at ...
Venture Capital Post
US-based solar-panel robotics startup Brittmore bags $1M in government grant
The Silicon Valley startup uses robots in the installation, according to Fox Business. Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Bram Britcher said: ..
Pemamek Receives Welding Automation Solutions Award
Pemamek uses and produces hi-tech: utilising the best available robot and automation technology. Experienced supplier of over 40 years, ...
Apple files patent application for 5-axis robotic arm | Patently Apple
Of course one of them relates to Apple's new robotic arm. ... own sake, but they've apparently become more than just a consumer of industrial robots.
Daniel Rubino
Machinarium gets a vital update on Windows Phone, also coming to Windows 8
It creates a totally unique world filled with living robots, tells a compelling story using absolutely no text or voiced dialogue, and looks utterly beautiful.
Boston-Area Underwater Robot To Aid Search For Malaysia Airlines Flight 370
Bluefin Robotics is located in an old shipyard by the Quincy waterfront. The facilities look like a cross between a boathouse and a science lab — with ...

Sunday, March 30, 2014


Oxford Mail
Robots shaping up to be carers of the future
He predicts that one day robots could become friendly companions to older people, providing part of the answer to problems experienced by the ...
Got robots? Local dairy farm implements 21st-century technology
Are farmers converge on the Borden dairy farm in Easton to see the $1.2 million state-of-the-art roboticmilking system. Here, Tom Borden explains ...
Wearable robots help put paralyzed people in motion
Gene Laureano walks using a ReWalk robotic exoskeleton at the Argo Medical Technology office with CEO Larry Jasinski in Marlboro on Thursday
Expo Notes: Double Robotics' growing army of robots puts us one step closer to Skynet
The Double Robotics Double telepresence robot made its debut at last year's Macworld/iWorld, with a small generic booth, one robot, and a couple of ..
36 robotics teams compete at Auburn high regional championship
The field smacked of mechanics, electronics, math, science and engineering, all playing out at the Auburn High School gym. Game rules are simple.
Soon, 'touchy-feely' joystick to remotely control robots from space
London: An new system inside the European Space Agency's next ship heading to the International Space Station is going to remotely control robots ...
Westfield Robotics team wins award at state competition
The Westfield Robotics First Lego League team, Purple Sabotage, consisting of eight 8th grade girls, earned first place for the Inspiration Award in the ..
Gilbert taking its robots to college
The dozen students, mostly seventh- and eighth-graders, are part of Gilbert's first robotics team and are gearing up for their first competition at Trinity ...
Soon, 'touchy-feely' joystick to remotely control robots from space
An new system inside the European Space Agency's next ship heading to the International Space Station is going to remotely control robots from ...
Cape Gazette
Dogfish Head triples speed of beer-bottling line
The News Journal ( ) reports Dogfish Head spent $21 million on the new building and German-made robots to speed more ..
Robocop: Check Out Congo's Robot Traffic Police [PHOTOS/VIDEO]
The Democratic Republic of Congo has gone futuristic, and it seems to be working out very well for them. The country has employed robots in place of ...
Fire walking a child's game for this robot!
New York, March 30 (IANS) Wait for humanoid robots that can walk through fire may soon be over. The researchers at the US Naval Research ...
Hamilton Middle students in Long Beach Unified participate in state roboticschampionship
A team of students from Hamilton Middle School competed in the first California VEX Robotics Middle School State Championship in Santa Clara this ...
Mining boss says Australians are in danger of pricing themselves out of jobs and industry
He said wages were softening in the coal industry, particularly among contractors, but that was not going to prevent the introduction of robots.
Some things are hard to screw up and Transformers is one of them. If you have robots fighting robots and other cool stuff, how can you go wrong
The West Australian
Humble meat pie bites back
The factory will finish commissioning trials for its new robotic production line next week and is hopeful of its push into Russia (a sea container of Mrs ..
Mid Devon Star
Science day for girls
In the artificial Intelligence workshop the children used Hexbugs, micro roboticcreatures, to investigate simple robots and wonder about the increased ..
A Magic Pancake Stacking Robot Machine Is Why Technology Exists
It's a high speed pancake stacking robot made by Flexpicker Robots that can stack 450 hot cakes a minute. It's actually pretty impressive once you get ...
The North Bay Nugget
Rookies thrilled with performances
Off the court, behind plexiglass barriers, teams of drivers and strategists control thoserobots trying to score points, or prevent the opposing team from ...
Capsule Computers
Robotics;Notes: Part Two Review
At the end of Robotics;Notes Part One viewers had just witnessed a chilling revelation that tied a few points together but left many questions up in the ...
Sir, You Are Being Hunted update adds castle biome and soundtrack
Big Robot's Britishness simulator has added the final piece of the puzzle - castles - to its procedurally generated landscape of drizzle, rural ...
Christian Science Monitor
Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: US Navy deploys deep sea drone to aid search
In the heart of the nation's oldest shipyard in Quincy, Mass., behind a series of locked doors, engineers at Bluefin Robotics design sea-bound drones ...
Robowow - Mows, Vacs And Cleans Your Pool
This is the time of the domestic robots, but they aren't like Rosie from the Jetsons. They aren't general purpose machines but are specialized to one ...
On to the Finals
The students worked with adult mentors to build a robot capable of ... Three teams and their three robotshad to compete as part of an alliance that ...
Chippens Hill students participate in 2014 Robotics Challenge
BRISTOL — On Thursday night, middle school students throughout Bristol gathered for the 2014 RoboticsChallenge where they showcased their ...
Tauriga Sciences Commences Commercial Pilot Test to Validate BactoBot Powered EBR ...
Pilus Energy's EBR harnesses genetically enhanced bacteria, also known as bacterial robots("BactoBot™"), that remediate water, harvest direct ...